Biological Safety Cabinets

Field services include initial or routine certification following manufacturers requirements and the requirements of NSF 49.  Services include decontamination, filter replacement, mechanical repairs, ducted exhaust installation, hood relocation and decommissioning.  Flexibility to meet customers service requirements is always provided without fee increases.


Laminar Flow Benches

Field services include initial certification to manufacturers specifications and applicable industry standards such as IEST-RP-CC002 and IEST-RP-CC034.  Mechanical repair or filter replacement services are available, as well as hood relocation services.


Fume Hoods

Monitronics fume hood certification is conducted following procedures which meet the requirements of CCR, Title 8, Section 5154.1.  Additional services include review of room pressurization, duct airflow characteristics and operational review of blower system performance.

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